Workout Salsa

por Izzy Scott


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Transform your brain to get results.

Stimulates the production of healthy hormones

Diversity and Joy

More than 10 rhythms combined with workout technique

Private coaching

Obtain personalized input from Izzy and Quintin to get your new body image

About this Class

How to increase your physical resistance.  Cardio is a must of this program, through the sessions you will increase your resistance, taking your physique to the next level.

Cardiovascular health and joy.  While you are having too much fun (which brings happiness to your life),  your heart´s pulsations will pump all your organs, improving your cardiovascular health.

Transformation in your appearance. The Latin workout sessions will transform your self image, physical appearance, probably losing weight, helping you to focus on your best qualities and increasing your smile.

Dancing with

Izzy Scott