Colombian Salsa

by Izzy Scott


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Footwork combinations and Weight management

Smart and classic step sequences for all levels

Agility and speed

Exercises to get your feet moving faster

Private coaching and mindfulness

Coaching designed according to your own potential

About this Class

Develop your own Colombian Style.  Being original, and joyful, is the secret to perform a great Colombian salsa style. I will help you to find yourself executing classic Cali style salsa.  Suggestions for action.  Do not leave all the responsibility to the feet, use your center, and the flexibility in your knees, to give that secret touch to your steps.

Experience.  After performing in several Salsa contests, and using my second profession as a psychologist, I’ve included my most important tips to help you take care of your body, and mind, while you learn and achieve your goals.

Contracting with

Izzy Scott