Female Style

by Izzy Scott


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Mixing Techniques

I will teach you a Feminine style resulting from the combination of Colombian style, body movement, salsa on1 and contemporary technique.

Exploring your own Queen.

Coaching and exercises to improve your self esteem, and to gain confidence according to your unicity

Private Coaching.

Private process designed to improve your skills and potentialize your strength.

About this Class

I’ve been sharing my personal advice and experiences with my female pupils for numerous years.  The most important things to becoming a salsa performer are confidence and discipline.  Each body is unique, I will help you improve your weaknesses and bolster your strengths.  In these classes I will include the most important tips of my personal method (MCMH Method). If you are interested in creating performances to express yourself, as well as get insights into my career experience, this is for you.

Contracting with

Izzy Scott